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More time on the vine. Superior taste

Corder Family Wines in the cool Elgin Valley are known for their elegance, zesty character, fruit structure and flavour. This is the result of our unique terroir, meticulous viticulture and modern winemaking techniques. Right from first bud burst, we nurture our foliage so that our vines flourish in a stress free environment to ensure minimal yield and maximum quality. What’s more, given that the best grapes make the best wines, we ensure that only perfect grapes are delivered to the cellar.

The Elgin Valley is a winemaker’s paradise. Not only because our soils are perfect for growing wine grapes, but also because the average temperatures are significantly colder than the warmer areas. This means our grapes enjoy a longer, slower ripening season and more time on the vine to develop their fruitful flavours, natural high acidity and low sugar levels. And above all, our wines boast a superior taste to rank amongst the finest in the world.

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