All the elements in perfect balance

Corder vineyards are positioned on Elgin’s cooler South Eastern slopes so they engage all the elements in perfect balance. In the mornings, the Elgin Valley is often filled with a white cooling mist. This typifies the area’s gentle climate and contributes to perfect grapes for our remarkable wines.

Throughout the year, each vine is carefully, seasonally nurtured. In the cold winter months, vines are allowed to rest and store the energy required for the new growing season. Prior to this they are pruned by trained, heedful hands to guarantee a healthy bud burst later in the spring. From spring they are tended on a daily basis to encourage nature’s nutrition, sunshine and cooling breezes.

Leading up to the long awaited harvest, vine canopies are meticulously sculptured to create the perfect ripening environment. And, because it is cooler here, our grapes enjoy a longer time on the vine, which culminates in optimum ripeness and varietal flavour development. Only the healthy, optimally ripe grapes make it into our wines.

"Only perfect grapes make it into our wines."

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