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You love wine. But you’re not a wine snob. You just love being around friends and enjoy tasting good wines. You’d like to work for yourself but maybe not full time. Then, this could definitely be for you.

You don't have to be a wine expert

In fact, we prefer it if you are not. We will give you everything you need to know. You will be dealing with ordinary people like yourself who are not wine fundis- they just want to discover good quality wines they can buy and enjoy.

It's a great little business to start from home

First, you register as a Corder Wines Tasting Pro by completing the application form on this website. Then, all you have to do is find a friend who wants to host a wine tasting evening at home. It can be a wine club, book club, supper club, or any one looking to have a few friends over. Ideally you’ll want to have at least 10 people. Then, the two of you prepare for the tasting, with you talking through the wines on the night. The wines are tasted and you take orders, send them through to us and we take care of the rest.

You make money on the sales

Every sale you make earns you good money. All we take is our normal trade price. We price the wines just below our cellar door price and you take the rest, around 25%! A tasting for just 10 people each buying 1 case could net you R1200 in one night doing what you love! Imagine what you could scoop if you held say 4 a month. And that’s just the start. You could build a network of fellow tasting pros working under you to boost your income even higher.

What are my setup costs?

To get you started, you'll need a tasting kit, giving you all you need to host your first 2 tastings. The kit includes 8 bottles wine, Corder Wines cooler bag and apron, tasting glasses, wine tasting notes and order forms. That'll cost you R850 but it's refundable with your first order of 4 cases. In other words, you get your R850 back after you've sold 4 cases of wine. After that, you never have to buy any stock again. We deliver your new free tasting stock with your customers' orders. It's that simple.

Fill in the application form now

We are very particular about whom we appoint as Corder Wines Tasting Pros. We have to be. We are a serious wine brand. So, if you think you have the will and drive to run a professional, fun loving wine business, then send us your details. We’ll be in touch.

Yes, I would love to hear more about how I can become a Corder Wines Tasting Pro.

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